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Lecture 8

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Environmental Science

½ of soybeans are genetically modified ¼ of corn 6 of wheat US and Canada known for GMF  Selective breeding you are speeding up the process of evolution o Usually done to speed up process You can put donkey dna and put it into corn  Shaking polin off from one plant to another is selective breeding o Put gene(trait) from one corn to another (intrabreeding)  Intrabreeding is within species  Interbreeding is between different species (more of a mutation)  U.s. argentina, brazil, Canada, india china and 16 other countries  GM foods most include - Soybean, some - cotton, canola, corn o Herbicide resistance and insect resistant  Precautionary principle doesn’t lead to huge profits  Monsanto makes GM plants o Round up (spray to kill plants) o Terminator seeds (kill the seeds after they are used… can’t reuse the natural seeds as they are terminated, so you are bound to purchasing from Monsanto) o A man had his neighbours plant genes move into his plants and got sued for using Monsanto seeds  Seedbanks are very expensive  Pesticide is combination of fungicide, insecticide etc  Bioaccumulative – accumulate as you go up the food chain, will affect people or peoples ability to reproduce  DDt is a carcinogen  Evolutionary arms race with pests in the reason for all the pesticide.\  Some pests can be genetically different and immune
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