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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science

 More farmed fish nowadays o Good for food security o Prevent overharvesting  90% of the fish people eat is ocean fish rather than freshwaeter  Aquaculture atnks are overcrowded.. more fish than water (exaggeration)  Most atlantic salmon is farmed or wild salmon  Most salmon is pumped with red food colouring and is actually raised in fish farm  Organic foods have no synthetic fertilizer or pesticide  Most advantageous food to buy organic is peach as they are ‘scrumptious to pests’ so need more pesticides  Around 1% of globally farmed land is organic  A food where you don’t have much of a choice of it being organic is salad mix (almost always organic)  Organic food is uglier because other foods are fakely made pretty  Why is organic more expensive if you don’t use pesticides and other chemicals o Less crop per yield o More susceptible to have a huge pest infestation b/c your not using pesticides and things  We wouldn’t have been able to consume so many fish if it weren’t for aquaculture. New topic  Species diversity is one branch of ecosystem diversity  Survival of the fittest with animals in species diversity  Grassland as an example isn’t very diverse o Fields, forests, wetlands and more varieties of niches for different types of organisms are more ecosystem diverse  There is many species we do not know about o Bacteria there are 4000 known but it could be in the millions b/c its difficutl to find different species of bacteria o Fungi, protus, plants are probably underestimated o Insect world is the most broad and most known species are insect  There are thousands of different speices of beetle  Insect are the most diverse of species  Biodiversity is spacially variable o The number and richness of species, varies over space  Varies with latitude  Richness and biodiversity goes up as you move to equator New topic  Most species that have ex
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