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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Lecture 12Guest Speaker1232011 121300 PM Biodiversityethnoecology study Tools to assess plans is robustness risk vulnerability Work is holistic includes applied research Combination is good tool for sustainability When you have conservation applied researcheducation you create sustainability for ecology to develop Not looking at individual components like forest river individual person alone but looking at everything as a whole rdBorneo is 3 largest island In south Asia Indonesia and Malaysia 17 million people population and live in large 20 urban centers on the island17 bird species and over 15 000 trees found within 50 hectare plotCulturally Indonesia has over 300 ethnic groups 500 languages spread over 17 000 islands Extremely culturally and biodiversity richrdIncreased deforestation so 3 behind Congo and amazon is first Fire is accidentally and purposely done to build new farmland or housing areas but accident like human negligencePeriods of less wet areas fire can be present and absent in wet areas Logging causes increased deforestation Exported to countries like Malaysia and China Logging for palm oil plantations Create biofuel to drive cars or use in food Not much regulation people are sprawling out Population exploded Haphazard land use no control of these losing factors Weak force governmentNot one hold another accountable for loss of rainforest 39 loss per year 50 deforested Hard to determine loss rate Can see deforestation is excelling over time Why are these issues happening Look at political instability ruled by dictatorship from 60s to 90s led to distribution of land who werent environmental people Breakup of dictatorship led local governments to have control over land Overpopulation is a problem Need somewhere they can live housing In developed world gigantic disparity between rich and poor Comparing
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