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Lecture 2

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Lecture 2 y Private ownership y Voluntary organization to enforce responsible use y Governmental regulations yy Overuse of resources and what we have available Are these resources used in a way they are sustainable overtime y Usually you have a natural resource such as fish oil mineral wood Usually it is unregulated resource and people try to grab as much of it that they can as quickly as possible y Government regulations saying how much timber you can take y It is a basis for ongoing environmental basis Overuse of resource is a basis for 99 of environmental problems y Primitive culture that had large stone statues Mystery was how this primitive culture that is barely subsisting have something as intricate as these status and how they got it there and how they got food resources to move them and tools to move them y Took every tree off the island and when their last canoe broke they were screwed y Increased consumption of nonrenewable and resources y With the number of people on earth and the way we consume if you divide that by the resources there are we use more than we need y Environmental Sciencestudy of how our natural world works how our environment affects us and how we affect the environment y Not only a particular manner of studying our world but it also encompasses the body of knowledge we have accumulated about ityy Environmental science is a new discipline y Multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary science because it comes from many things that work together towards environmental science Example a hydrologist geologist all work together y Science linked with social science Example Chemistry person who is also a political science person y First rule broken in science is preconceived notion of how something works You need to go with an open mind It might be from something as drastic as oil consumption is not a big deal y Inability to change notion of how something works is not scientific Majority of environmentalists are not objective they have a mandate something they are striving to getchange Environmental scientists are not environmentalists y 3 questions are worth asking each time you are confronted with seemingly conflicting statements from Cassandras and Cornucopiansy Do the impacts being debated pertain only to humans or also to other organisms and natural systems
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