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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Lecture 8 y Vulnerable food supply due to food insecurity etc ndy Certain population that was going to 2 billion people and certain way to produce food And we could cover this gap even though population grows exponentially Cannot continue to extensifywiden the number of areahectaresacres Going from a bunch of houses to urban sprawl than limited ability to put high rise apartments y Green comes from chlorophyll in plants and increased ability to grow it not environment y Increase how much a certain type of food came out of the same area This involves intensive or industrial agriculture y Tractor has been around for 100 yearsy Forcing evolution to its hopeful beneficial end Ex if you want to make a new strong big person Chance of getting baby to be like this is having parents like this and have them breed Same with plants Getting traits of parents This is slightly related to monoculture farming which is a large scale single type of crop planting 100s of hectares of just corn and one species of corn planted The benefits for farmers of one species of corn is not having to buy different seeds can buy massive seed can treat everything the same way some easiness on farming which makes monocultures work They are susceptible to some issues y Herbicide use and other pesticides Get rid of weed Now different forms of pesticides such as DDT These are new Use of chemical fertilizer like phosphorus nitrogen calcium Adding water to soil in places they dont get water y 5 Going from ploughing to fossil fuel driven machinery and automated planting machinery More harvest per yeary 6 We farm 30 more land 800 more energy put in land for agriculture To use fossil fuel in the act has enormously blowny 7 New thing last decade or two Large portion of corn grown in US is not used to feed livestock or humans or to make corn syrup which is its primary use its used for gas We are using land that would otherwise be used to providing food for other stuff Ethical issues related to the assumption that we can grow infinite amount of food which is untrue because we dont have infinite amount of food land etc if we are using it away from food then we have an issue y Rubbing two plants together y Selective you are breeding 2 species that are the same Just like you cant breed with a dog a corn cant breed with soy bean plant y In GM you can take gene from monkey and put it in a piece of corny You are almost always using a gene from something entirely different and putting it in there y Big deal with GM foods Nothing of serious consequence yet health or environmental concern Early in the game so we dont know things yet y Not entirely natural you are making things grow
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