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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Environmental Science
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Carl Mitchell

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Lecture 9 y Ch9 up to 274 y Ch13 not concluding air pollution y Exam everything from lecture 112 Cumulative exam sty Thurs Dec 1 is makeup lecture 12 y 6065 questions from material after midterm And 3540 on midterm material y 120 MC 3 hrsy More math questions tutorials assignments data interpretations y Equation cheat sheet can add stuff we did in tutorial water balance cant put conversion factors y Know basic conversions like how many mm in m how many km in a m y Why do we care about how many species there are For stability y More biodiversity means more adaptable system y Hurricanes climate change occurs Larger biodiversity means greater ability to adapt You will lose biodiversity as of the disturbance but some level of ecosystem functioning will happen y Ecosystem services y People dont think about the impact the environment causes on them rather they think about the impact we cause on the environment y Biodiversity cleans water you drink replenishes soil for the food you eat cleans air does everything you need for survival Biodiversity provides everything for long term survival on earth Loss of biodiversity is what we cause y Dinosaurs dodo birds passenger pigeons thousand of bacteria are extincty Extirpation extinct from a certain place Ex tiger that used to be on some island and everyone hunted it so its gone but theres the same species in other places just extirpated from that island y Endangered on the break of becoming extinct Species numbers are so small that they need intervention to go extinct y Threatened not on the break of extinction but on the break of becoming endangered y 99 of all organisms that ever lived have gone extinct and only 1 live today y For every million species 1 goes extinct throughout Earths history This was background rate from history not what happens today y Mass extinctions 250mya 8095 species went extinct due to natural disaster volcanic eruptionBig volcanoes stops air traffic lots of ash in cloud and this causes big climate changes ash cuts insulation off reflective or absorbent cloud its like nighttime all the time things to dark and when this happens photosynthesis goes off and everything dies y Large proportion of what lived then died because of very little autotrophic production that blocked the sun y Dinosaurs dont know if its asteroid or not 50 species lost
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