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EESA06H3Introduction to Planet Earth Lecture 10March 262012 Canadas Geologic Journey The Last 45 Billion Years Chapter 20Geology of North America known for 100 years but what put it togetherTectonic plate paradigmParadigmrevolutionary idea that changes peoples views on data that have been around for many yearsCratons orange colourInner core of old crystalline igneous metamorphic rocks rocks from the preCambrian age roughly 600 million years old Similar to Canadian ShieldCover rocks bluelime colourcover the cratonHas a much greater extent because its under a large area of cover rocksContinents start off as small piece of crust and by colliding with other micro continents they grow in sizeComparable to an onion Older rocks are at the core craton while the newly formed rocks are at the outer layersRocks get younger as you go towards a margin of large continents Over the last 45 billion years Earth has been recycling oceanic crust into continental crustsSubduction cannot destroy continental crustObduction allows for continental crust to growSupercontinent paradigmDiscovered by J Tuzo WilsonFull cycle takes about 500600 million years to accomplishDeconstructing the geology of North AmericaYou will be expected to understand how Figure 204 works for the examWhat is it made ofNorth America is made of 5 pieces1 and 2 make up the Craton3 and 4 gets added5 is the last area to be added to North AmericaKnown as the Left coastFrom Baha California to AlaskaContinental crust that has arrived fairly recentlyProvincelong standing term in geology which refers to areas of fairly uniform geologyOntario is the superior provinceEach provinces are a continent in their own right and they collided
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