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Lecture 1

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06 Lecture 1 Page 1 EESA06 Lecture 1 Planet Earth 2011 - Earth is 4.5billion years old - Geography of planet has changed, Plate Tectonic Movements - Rocks can tell us the history of the planet – where water was, where land ones - Glacial erratic – large boulders o Marble – altered limestone - Super-continent – Pangaea Great – all together in one place - Amnesia Continent – Pangaea # 2 – will become a super continent once again - Stratigraphy – putting rocks in their relative age – organizing history o Aka Historical geology - Vector Map – direction of movement and velocity of movement of land masses - Next super continent clustered around southeast china - Ring of Fire – most dangerous place to live, the outline of pacific - Geophysical Equipment – cameras etc. go underwater - Derrick – drilling tower o The Resolution - drill ship can drill 7km underwater Scope of Course - Earth history: Application of ‘plate tectonics’ to the ancient past to reconstructing past continents/oceans - Paleo-environment reconstruction (ex: climate) and paleo-biology o Paleo = old - Geographical evolution of Canada over 4 billion years - Environmental issues and hazards (earthquakes etc) resources (mineral, water, oil) Lecture 1 and 2: How Planet Earth Works: Plate Tectonics (Chapters 1 and 2 in textbook) Key concepts to read up for the First Two Quizzes: - Formation of planet Earth 4,500 million years before present ‘Continental drift’ and Pangaea: 1912 (Alfred Wegner) o He proposed that craters on the moon were caused by meteor impact - Sea Floor Spreading: 1960 (Harold Hess) o Oceans are widening, pushing t
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