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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Environmental Science Final exam 13th april 7-9 pm in the Gym Office hours 10-12 Monday 6th S567 Multiple choice 120 questions Based on chapters 1 - Introduction to Physical Geology 2 - Plate Tectonics 4 - The earth's interior 19 - Time and Geology 20 - Geological History of Canada And appropriate lectures Including 12 (Environmental Challenges) You are not required to remember numbers: but concepts, terms and diagrams are key (ie: major tectonic settings) Welcome to the Anthropocene: "The epoch of Man" (begin Industrial Revolution, beginning of agriculture) • human use more materials then nature (rivers, volcano, glaciers) • Challenges of change o Urban sprawl: severe weather o Hardening of watersheds o Wastes/groundwater contamination o Remediation of contaminated sites o Radon gas o Earthquakes; landslides & tsunamis o Acid mine drainage o Climate warming o Water shortages • Urban sprawl o Replace greenlandscape with building o Flashy discharge o Ground water reduce the amount of water supply (contamination) o Sprawl changes the quantit and quality of water and other natural resources o Deforestation o After urbanization there are less baseflow, and more contaminants • First flush - greater runoff volume, flooding risk, and echanced erosion and sediment aggradation • Water flow is lower than pre urbanization  High temp of water b/c water draining off ashfault  Increase amount of diluted contaminated water  Change drainage system o Impact of weather • August 2005 - Steeles Avenue  Dented the road - food occur • History of Hurricane (Hazel) • Small storms become a greate impact due to urbanization • Human are now more respoinsible moving sediments than and other nature process o Stop using salt (it ruins water) • Salt area protection  Recharge area • Recharge ground water flow o Extreme weather • Cost of extreme weather events increase total economic losses  More people in the world, they collectively own more stuff  City is growing • Ice storm • Sagurenay floods 1996 (one house survived) o Ground water •
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