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Lecture 6

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Idea,concept,figure…in-text ref 4-10 ref decide the subheading first b4 reseraching…highlight as pdf then cite?? Arial bold italic Title min 40 Basic text 18 End ref nd fig cap is 14 Pwrpont,choose layout;insert text box and pics,2ft by 3ft size…ref have to be on poster(corner or border) Audience is undergrad.. No quotations and paraphrase everything! Ref are used works >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ga-billion yrs ago 4.56 Ga earth age 3800 million yrs ago Earlist bacteria was ___________mid-ocean ridges Lec.542 million yrs ago Have some idea what is the geological timescale 2slide,middle pic is pertrified wood, Minerals came thru tht replaced the body Bacteria decompose the soft parts so left hard shell Overtime sediment come to the lake and end up burying the shell which adds pressure…the sediments is the bottom liquefy(become rock) nd the snail water is effected by the water(silica,calcium,iron) nd encounter the shell nd those minerals replace the shell nd form the shell model(permineralization) First philosopher found fossils at the mountain top..very prevailing Rock uplifted nd sediment lost by wind..leavng behind fossils we can see Ammonite(aragonite) fossil is colored by these elements (fe,Mn,al,Ba)..lec Trace fossils-show evidence what the animal did…animals burrow for the shelter nd end result is changing the sediment Sedimentary geologist-rocks are sometimes destroy the fossil on top not bottom of ocean..lec Very common in rocks in limestone,carbonate rock in south Ontario .. Sea lily-lives in shallow waters and there stems (rings) are broken up because of storms Fossil tell us what kind of creature live there, nd the environment it will tell us tht very shallow\ Assemblaes-groups of fossils found together Crinoid-sea lily Morphology(how tall or short ppl are ..cud tell environment) Stratigraphy-study of age rocks Geologic range-Span of time species lived,,,not space Lec. William smith-canals..first figured out tht fossils were from diff sort of time No need to noe chart cept geologic time scale…fossils were used to determin relative age Chart dots connected with l
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