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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Notes

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Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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Introduction to Planet Earth Lecture 03-Quiz #2 Earth history is the history of the oceans Pangea is the supercontinent 225 million years ago Continental crust, continents eventually domesinflate upwards because underneath theres hot, mantle, plastic rock rising because it is warming.(PLUME) This develops into triple junctions which are three major fractures. In Egypt, the arms are called a Rift and if you look at the area of the rift, it is usually going down and subsiding The evolution of the triple junction, only one rift opens up and develops into an ocean so we are able to identify Failed Rifts due to oasis? Failed rifts are usually filled with sediments and great for oiling gas, because you get a lot of organic materials such as deltas. It gets cooked and develops hydracarbs. Petroleum geologists are interested in failed rifts The Ottawa and St. Lawrence river rifts are both examples of failed rifts Old rifts might become reactivated and become earthquakes East Africa: stage one of rift widening and will become a mid ocean ridge North and into Egypt: Stage 2; red sea which is misnamed because in fact, it is a small ocean that will widen Oceans have mid ocean ridges along its center line and oceans are widening all the time but seas doesnt The east African rift is where the African plate is being torn apart The horn of Africa, aka the Somalia plate Is going to break away from Africa and become a little continental crust East Africa is the location of a major
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