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Lecture 8

EESA06 Lecture 8 Notes

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Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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Lecture 8: Japan tsunami Pacific plate separated by shallow water from Philippine plate Tsunami radiates out towards the pacific Japan moved 25 metres, direction is shown by vectors and distances seen by slip graph It moved in one instance, because the plates are locked and built up of stress for a thousand years (frequency) Japan goes east and pacific plate underneath goes west Slide 5 is the upliftelevation of Japanese coastline, which killed people due to tilting up of ocean floorcrust, water going west and shoreline got depressed Geologic Time and Stratigraphy THE EARTH IS 4.56 BILLION (4,560 000 000) YEARS OLD How did we find this out? 1. EARLY IDEAS ON STRATIGRAPHY (the study of rock layers as in a book) Strata; Greek for layer Layers on slide 9, marine rocks, deposited way off shore under water, now several km above land. Each layer may have a distinctive fossil type. Correlate the rocks in one location with one from another location such as Canada and Australia Find the contemporaryancient environment Paleogeology Diluvium: meaning of a flood e.g. rocks. In eastern Canada. It deformed when Pangea was beginning to come together because Africa was moving towards north America and collided with the east coast Creationist view of earth: created in an instant Archbishop Ussher: looked at history about how long people l
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