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Lecture 9

EESA06 Lecture 9 Notes

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 9: The plate tectonic future of planet earth 1. ALPINEHIMALAYAN OROGENY: THE BUILDING OF THE NEXT SUPERCONTINENT (PANGEA II) Earth quake of Japan are part of the process of formation of new supercontinent Obduction: the process where we collide continents together, there are big earthquakes but no subduction; destroying crust such as volcanoes Slide 2: bottom, length of the lines represent velocity 2. OBDUCTION PROCESSES AS INDIAN SUBCONTINENT COLLIDES WITH ASIA Figure 2.29 Shows cross section Indian sub continent and Himalayas Before India collided there was an old ocean Off Indonesia there is a subduction zone, its the product of India driven north India driven up as a wedge The effects are Afghanistan, Pakistan are escaping and south east Asia is also escaping from being driven up into Asia This collision is huge in effects and mountains India is pushing north The Mediterranean is the ocean t
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