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Lecture 11

EESA06 Lecture 11 Notes

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

LECTURE 11: ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES Exam will have diagrams. Focus on chapter 20, subduction and plate tectonics Landfills: waste dump, 1200 Leachage: rain washed through waste, similar to contaminated ploons Radon gas: product of the breakdown of uranium, colourless and odourless may cause lung cancer. This is bad because we have a lot of granite and shale with plenty of uranium resulting in radon 1998 is the warmest year, earth may be cooling Extraction of sand for oil and gas SCOPE OF ENVIRONMENTAL GEOSCIENCES -UNDERSTANDING EARTH PROCESSES -PROVIDING RESOURCE SECURITY such as water, iron, coal or oil -HELPING SOCIETY ADJUST TO GLOBAL CHANGE, the way in which the planet is evolving naturally -PROVIDING RELIABLE INFORMATION FOR PLANNING AND ENVIRONMENTAL DECISION MAKING -PROTECTION FROM NATURAL HAZARDS -PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY As urban areas get bigger, they are more susceptible to hazards. 81% people live in urban areas in Aust
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