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Lecture 3

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Environmental Science
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Jan 23rd 2009 EESA06 What do earthquakes tell us about the planets interior, and plate tectonics? - how do we collect information about the earths interior o deep drilling o russian hold record of 12Km deep o at 12Km rocks are getting soft and will fill up the hole earthquakes: what can we learn of the earths interior? - rocks are brittle, they will snap - energy produced from the snap produces an earthquake - epicenter: directly above the focus - fault plane: line of breakage; smooth surface where rocks have slipped - propagates the rocks as seismic waves - fault trace: part of the fault showing on the surface; often buried (blind faults) - fault plane: part of the fault showing underneath New Zealand - in between pacific plate and indo-australian plate - a lot of fault scarps Waves - surface waves does most damage to buildings (e.g. love wave and rayleigh wave) - primary waves(compressional waves): 5-7kmsec; arrive first, faster - secondary waves: 2-4 kmsec; last type of wave to arrive, smaller - there will be a gap in time between the arrivals of the primary and secondary waves o separation of the arrival times can be used to find the epicentre o if on the epicenter, both waves will arr
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