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Lecture 5

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

6 Feb 2009 EESA06 Sedimentary basins: accumulation of sedimentary rock 1. Occur in different tectonic settings 2. Have distinct sedimentary rock fills - If basin close to volcanoes, it will be fills with volcanically-influenced basin - Foreland basins (in the foreland of mountain ranges) o E.g. Alberta o Thick continental crust o Erosion off mountains accumulate o A lot of organic material e.g. coal, oil, gas - Forearc basin o Dominated by sediments that have been deposited by gravity o Frequent occurrence of large earthquakes causes landslides (sediment gravity flows) - Extensional (rift) settings o Divergence o Plume pushes continental crust apart o Evaporates (salt deposits) accumulate when rifts dries out (e.g. dead sea) o Also igneous rocks (e.g. basalt) - Basin analysis o Used for finding resources o Used as a investigating tool in constructing what the surface of the earth looked like in the past Oil and gas on continental margins 1. Continent undergoes extension. The crust is thinned and a rift valley forms 2. Conti
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