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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

13 Feb 2009 EESA06 Lecture 6: Changing the face of the planet J L}}ZZ } ZZZ}ZZ}Z]KL2Z K}}L[ 1. Gravity driven processes (mass wasting) 2. Transport by ice 3. Transport by water: rivers and waves 4. Transport by wind How gravity affects slopes - Stress: applied force o Depends on rock type, climate, amount of water - Strain: response to stress - Normal stress: an applied force acting at a right angle to the slope - Shear stress: an applied force acting parallel to the slope - Shear strength: the ability to resist stress o Failure: when slope collapses (e.g. slope sliding J moving rocks down slope) - Slope angle J the steeper the slope, the more likely to fail; depends on the sediment of rock Gravity driven processes (mass wasting) - Flow: turns from a solid sediment to a liquid o E.g. thawing of ice in soil after winter - Fall o E.g. Niagara falls - Slide o Translational slide Strata: layers in the rock parallel with the slope Because the shear strength is low, they will slide Happens when slopes are steep (e.g. rocky mountains) o Rotational slide(slump)
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