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Environmental Science
Lisa Tutty

Lecture 02 Notes Plant earth Francis Bacon15611626noticed that all the continents across the Atlanticfit together and firstnoticed in 1620Eli de Beaumont17981874thought that the earth was cooling down and shrinking thought that the inner earth would cause stress to build up in outer rigid crust buckling the crust and forming mountain ranges he thought this was violentrapid process that would result in castrophes such as extinctions EVERYONE believed him in 19th Ott Hilgenberg18861976thought that the earth was getting biggervom wachsenden erdballInconsistency 1Close fit evidence Inconsistency 2Glacial evidencewhere ice was before its not there now Inconsistency 3Fossil evidence Eduard Suessanimalsfossils were found in other parts of the countries where it didnt belongresulting finding fossils that were in Africa to be in south AfricaInconsistency 4Narrow mountain belts restricted to continental marginsmountain belts were on the edges on continental margins Isostasya floating body replaces as much volume as corresponds to its weight Force balanceweight is balanced by buoyancy blocks of same weightbut different densities have same volume below water Blocks of same densitybuy different height have same proportions above and be
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