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Lecture 4

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Environmental Science
Lisa Tutty

Jan 28, 2013 EESA06 Lecture 4 Notes Lecture 3 cntd.  Any type of rock can change into any other type of rock  If you cool molten magma, you end up with igneous rocks  If rock gets worn down by forces of erosion, it breaks down into sediments, which are transported and become sedimentary rock  If rock get subjected to a lot of pressure it becomes metamorphic  The source of igneous rocks is always magma  Basaltic magma is rich in iron and magnesium and is what the ocean floor is made up of  Difference between magma and lava-> once it comes out of a volcano it is lava; inside the earth it is magma  Igneous rocks can cool in two ways o Volcanic/extrusive come out of the earth o Intrusive/plutonic cool under the earth; can only see if the rocks on top of them are eroded away  The size of the crystals tells you how long it had to cool down; big crystals cool slowly and small, fine crystals cool quickly  Under the ground there is a chamber that holds magma-> batholith  Magma moves from batholith up though volcanic pipe out of the volcano  Sills move the same way as original rock layers, and dykes cut across the layers at an angle; have magma in them and are also conduits  Rocks rich in iron and magnesium are called mafic  Felsic rocks are rich in light things such as silica  When magma cools inside the earth, the crystals grow bigger because they have more time to cool  Granite is rich in silica and is what continental crust is made of  In basaltic magma the gases get out very easily so the eruptions are large; ten
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