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Lecture 7

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Environmental Science
Lisa Tutty

Feb 25, 2013 EESA06 Lecture 7 Notes  Know that the earth is 4.56 billion years old  Avicenna didn’t think that mountains had always been there; thought they had been built over time  Shen Kuo thought that the earth was very old  Ancient Greeks looked at rock fossils in mountains and found that they were marine fossils; didn’t make sense because mountains were much above land  Earth history was heavily based on Christian religion  Catastrophism- Earth stays pretty much the same but every so often you have a huge catastrophe or disaster that effects a very large area of the world; comes along and changes things (ie. Noah’s Flood)  Know James Hutton*  Hutton found that rocks on the bottom were tilted and rocks on the top were flat-lying; an example of an unconformity  Hutton didn’t think that all rocks came out of the ocean; thought that granite came from cooled magma  Huttons Uniformitarianism- Realized that there are small, constant changes, instead of catastrophism  Thought Earth must be very old for all these changes to happen over time  Pressure came in and pushed rocks together; deeper down rocks that are hotter don’t break, but fold and become deformed  Unconformity is a gap in the geologic record  Rocks being eroded then new rocks placed on tops will cause large age difference in rocks; unconformity  Know the great unconformity*  Magma was able to inject itself into layers of limestone, proving that it was liquid when it was formed  Layer 2 rocks sit on top of layer 1 rocks  Fossils may be body fossils, such as bones and shells  Trace fossils aren’t actual body parts but some evidence that organisms were there  Most things that die don’t get fossilized; quite unusual  S
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