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Lecture Notes #5 EESA06

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Environmental Science

LECTURE 5 EESA06-Monday, 3 , February Terms to remember  Jokulhlaup is a flood caused by volcanic activity underneath ice(glaciers)  Reykjavik (smokey bay- hot springs)  Tephra – (Volcanic Ash)  Pyroplastic – To be broken by fire Forces – why oceans eventually close  Erupt beneath ice or glaciers  Slab pulling and Slab rollback makes the lithosphere form a trench suction. The volcanoes gets more active when the ice is thinner.  Iceland is an oceanic crust that has been dried up. Because the crust has been pushed up.  It is a part of the MOR andit is both dry land and Oceanic crust.  Iceland field camp slide – The crust is expanding. The Geology of Iceland  Thingvellir Reykjavik first civilization of Vikings  The Medieval Warm period before the ice age.  Iceland’s major volcanoes – Eyjafjallajoekull(2010) The Iceland Plume  Ridge “JUMP” – Slide 13  The spreading centre, which is above the plume gets cuts off and it dies  The plumes underneath pushes the rocks aside and it gets moved (The plume)  The Ridge jump is when the old plume dies and a new plume starts off somewhere else  The plumes don’t moves, but the spreading centre is what changes.  Pushed by the sources of magma (carrying mid ocean ridges away.) The eruption of lakagigar (1783) – The largest eruption at that time. –
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