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Environmental Science
Nelson Wiseman

Arooran Sritharan998438659 EESD19 The Politics behind Renewable and Sustainable EnergyAbstract Arriving from outer space blowing in with the wind riding in with the waves and rising from the molten core inside the earth renewable energy seems like the limitless resource whose application has been widely accepted as the answer towards providing sustainable and clean energy Nevertheless the economy relies heavily on fossil fuels The majority of machines currently operating in the industry are powered by oil coal and natural gas Unfortunately these fuels are rapidly being depleted According to computed models it could take half a century for the aforementioned natural resources to be exhausted In addition nature suffers from the pollution these fuels cause It is due to this urgency that a drastic transfer to environmentally friendly sources of energy has been looked to as solution to safeguard the earth for future generationsWhat makes this solution rather challenging however is the fact that these environmentally friendly sources of energy are maintaining a balance between actual effectiveness and cost effectiveness It is this balance between cost and efficiency that is hindering the energy sector from transferring thei
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