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Lecture 1 - Notes

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Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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Glacial Erratic: rocks that picked up by glaciers and deposited elsewhere Supercontinent: all the continents together; called Pangea, Greek words: pan = all together & gea = all the lands There will another supercontinent in about another 200 million years, called Amasia The cycle of supercontinent to break-up to reformation of the supercontinent happens about every 400 million years Stratigraphy (a.k.a. Historical Geology): putting rocks in their relative age (age in relativity to another), different from absolute age For each landmass we can identify a vector and a velocity; the classroom has the velocity of the thickness of a piece of paper everyday in the south-west direction The active plate margin of North America is the edge of B.C. As the populations start to move into big cities, the
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