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Lecture 1

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 1EESA06 y Greeks first said Continents move around y They said you could fit coastlines together y Alfred V was first to make hypothesis He was a meteorologisty Front line soldier in world war Noticed what high explosions do to people and groundsbig craters y Big idea he came up with continental drift moving around As an idea it fell completely flat No one believed in it Rejected as an idea y Not until WWII that people were trying to figure out what was on ocean floor they wanted to know that because of submarinesy A lot was learned by floor of oceans There are mountains ranges which are active volcanoes This triggered sea floor spreading y Half way across Pacific you see tall mountains in ocean y Sea flood spreading oceans widening and pushing continents to spread y Plate tectonics y Tuzo Wilson came up with notion of plate tectonics y Know difference between continental drift continents moving around and plate tectonics say that continents are embedded in bigger plates and the plates are migrating y Ocean is underl
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