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Lecture 3

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lec 3How oceans form Part I The African Rift from Kenya Ethiopia Egypt Jordan and Israel y Why do certain continents dome upwards and break apartWhat happens underneath There is a plume of hot mantle that rise underneath Being pushed up because it is warming It develops a triple junction which are 3 major fractures They might be 10s100s km wide They form the nice triple junction Each of the arms is called a rift Earths crust and lithosphere pulling apart is rift y Along the floor of rift is an area that goes down and this is called subsiding y Key point if you look at the evolution of triple junction you notice that only one rift opens up and develops into an ocean y Failed rifts can be identified They sit there and fill up with sediments Become buried Great sites for oil and gas You get deltas rivers A lot of fine organic material gets cooked and develops hydrocarbons y Preservation of failed rifts within the continents y Ottawa river valley StLawrence river valleys are examples of failed riftsy Niger amazon are all sites of major rivers y Even Mississippi is falling structure of failed rifty They control where large rivers flow y They generate EQ Frequent EQ in Ottawa because you have rifts that become reactivatedy Triple junction doming of s
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