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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 6Haidianfirst time on earth Rocks were molten No ocean not atmosphere Then planets differentiated Once earth got Haidian then we got magnetic field We got to hold onto gases that were escapingOnce we have magnetic field with protection we could build atmosphere and ocean Four steps to evolution of life on earthFirstly how are fossils formed The way we know about how life used to exist before that we dont know about is through fossilsMt vasuvis has pyroclastic flow Peoples remains were persevered when ash cooled Fossil and rock other than sedimentary in only this caseCavities within shell or creature are filled in with minerals Sometimes filled with silica and calcium carbonate Recognize it better as quarts or calsai Sometimes filled with iron Called mineralizationMinerals can come out and grow or precipitate in shellStumps are fossilized Minerals come in and precipitated out and preserved them People buy big stumps to use as tables or as decorationProcess called permineralization Creature dies near or in water and decomposes with bacteria Then you get sedimentation sediments that pile on top of dead critter on topFine grained like clay or silt then you get defined material Little grains hold more detailsWhat determines color Not anything because of creature but rockIf you see red because of ironPressure from many pileups and you get liquefaction Mineral rich water goes through and sometimes precipitate outside water and fill cavities in the creatureFossils made under piles and piles of creatureThrough plate tectonics PT and various reasons you get upliftOn top of big mountains you can find fossils of marine life Can be because of erosion Wind rain works to wear away rocksErosion would make entire planet flat and ocean if there were no PT because erosion would wear it away You wont be able to build anythingVery small quantities of elements in fossils can make beautiful colorsTrace fossils is when you left track way Your track along beach was preservedSometimes from roots of planets or creatures buried in looking for food or hiding from predatorsWhen creature burying in sediments bad for geologists because of bioturbation Good for creature because it protects them
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