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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 7 y Steep sided volcano not in Iceland Only basalt kinds there y Kodapaxie volcano Galapagos islands are in the middle of the pacific Islands in middle of pacific Galapagos is island in middle of an oceany Hotspot is at head of island group Carrying old volcano to the east Old volcano carried away from hot spot become eroded and create hot spot trails which are flat tops and below sea level y Flat tops because erosion by processes at sea level Then they slowly sink and become gyos meaning flattopped dead volcano Part of a hot spot traily Hawaii canarie islandsy About 40 hot spots and mostly in oceanic plates y Afar in Africa Yellowstone Iceland vast majority in oceanic plates Associated with hot spot islandsy Age of rocks on hot spot island compared to ocean floor Much younger because product of it burning Rock younger than surrounding ocean floor y Youngest island brand new above hot spot Ongoing volcanic activityy Hotspotongoing volcano Extinct volcanoes as you go down and they go below sea level y Systematic aging of rock as u move away from hot spot and go down trail y Orientation of hot spot trail gives direction of plate movement Key evidence in plate tectonics existence of plates and they way they are moving y Hot spots play a key role in plate tectonics theory y Lighter blue area is so called carnage ridge that runs to east from Galapagos y Another ridge runs nrth east towards Costa Rica part of coco plate Abandoned hot spot trail to the north Hot spot migrated thru timey Reptiles feed of sea weed and spend a lot of time in water They are vegetarianAll volcanic islands Not steep as in Ecuador These are shield volcanoesy Islands get older and go below sea level and you can make out by colors bathymetry map that shows water dense y Little plateau with shield volcano poking above sea level y Oldest islands exposed 3 million years agoy Fluid basalt coming out Not like strata volcano Doesnt explode Looking at streams of lava that came down y Bumps in the middle part and they are result of magma hitting water and you get violent eruptions as a result Called phreatomagmatic eruptions Water will go down and hit magma and violent release of steam and local pyroclastic eruptionsy Think of it as ice cream cone with material shot to the surfacey Young landscape because no vegetation there No green stuff to obscure rocks y Shield volcano in the back Type of rock and name given to the form of lava is rupy lava also called pahoehoey Come all the way maybe 15 km from the summit Pahoehoe lava
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