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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 9 y Alpine Himalaya orogenyy Destroying crusty Pacific is already closingy Everything headed to the supercontinent y Figure 229 in textbook goes into obduction Crosssection Indian subcontinenty Effects of India being driven as a wedge Afghanistan Pakistan wants to get out of the way They are escaping South East Asia is escaping from indent being driven up into Asia y Collision is hugey Other crust in Asia trying to escape Run in there is a subduction zone down here in Indonesia Big collision happening today y Mediterranean if you follow it westward ocean that lay between Africa and Europe Ocean is completely gone Mediterranean is Remnant Ocean that is closing It will be gone as Africa moves up Mountain range of Africa colliding with Europe is the Swiss Alps French Alps and Austrian Alps Regional metamorphism Common type of rock is gneiss High temperaturehigh pressurey Granite is much acidic higher content of silica Get rhyolite Produced highly explosive No subduction going on Local melting so you might get volcano We dont see volcanoes in obduction zones Are there volcanoes in the Himalayas No y Ophiolite is the name given to green rocks that come form metamorphism from basalty Pillow basalt You walk over rocks and see pillow basalts in the middle They are remnants of the ocean they got destroyed deformed as crust collided by this process y Orogeny the process of mountain building y Orongent is name given to folded rocksy Pangaea has sea shaped massy Gondwana is southern continentsy Right in the heart of the sea is neotess something called tess y Colliding with laurasiay North of Himalayas mountain is rock of symlaiany MOR so rift Pangaea breaking up Got these rifts Theyre opening up They are developing MOR along centerlines and it pushes away Same with Australiay Super collision as India top left finally collides with that piece of continental crustwe get the main obduction phase Initial subdiuctiony Thrusting on a huge scale y When we have high mountains its a consider load on the softer rocks that we call the asthenospherey Astheno means weak Softer
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