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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 10 y Many questions we will recognize y Key chapter to read in some detail is chapter 20 y Exam is biased towards this and next week y Process is deconstruction which means taking something apart and seeing how something is built This is what we do with continentsy Oldest is a landmass we call arctica GA is for billions of years ago y Then we add more crust Columbia Then rodiniay Abundant life evolves at that timey As a guiding principle abc Canadian shield craton y Craton is old hard core of North America y We added eastern NA Maritimes and west y Maritimes is added when Pangaea is forming y Western Canada BC Yukon California Alaska is formed after Pangaea breaks up y 5 part schemey Arcticia Columbia rodiniashield y Mostly sedimentary philosophic rock added Eastern maritimey Shield is brown rock y Abc is the core of North America The old core Lots of blue and lime green which are wrapped around that corey Blue area on right is Appalachian belt y That is added with maritime Canada during the various collisions that built Pangaea y Then we see a wide belt on the west which was added when Pangaea brokey Tectonics theory in the late 60s Continents have moved from the equator to the North Pole This map doesnt mean that much y Zircons which we use for uranium lead dating 27 billion year old zircons y This technique is cheap to do age determinations They are quite precisey Uranium lead date dating using zircon has been a break through method y Tom crow found a way it can be widely usedy Growth rings on the crystalsy Little blacks dots where lasers vaporized the crystals y It measures not age yet but the amount of lead in the crystal first Tells us how long the crystal has been siting therey Tom crows contribution to understanding NA y The oldest continental crust found so fary Acasta gneiss NWT 4 billion years old Question asked in Canada oldest rocky Gneiss When we date that it was the oldest rock it is not technically correct Why not Its been metamorphosed so there was a previous rocky Detrital means they are secondary y Detritus dead stuff garbage rubbish stuff eroded from others Having been derived from something else
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