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Environmental Science
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46 billion yearsin earth history 37cm a year plates moving Reconfigure surfaces of the planets over the billion of years Super continents continents moving farther away causing atlantic ocean to open up now its bigger widen Subductionlocks friction and stress builds up Earthquakes Population and number of super cities pop of more than 1020 million people increasing adds to earthquakes Magnetic reversals poles changing Doesnt have anything with land switching its the magnetic fields switching PANGEAall the lands1912 existsence first recognized One land mass then broken up Finite duration modern oceans will disappear as the next super continent cycle forms and its a cycleContinents come together then breaking apart The law of superposition anything tht is deeper is usually older at the surface its the youngestDeeper down getting older and older rocksLower layer Precambrian rocks older than 600 million yearsCMBBZ plate margin 15 billion years ago Right underneath pickering What happens when plates collide earthquakes toppgraphically u see mountains Grenville mountains mountains erode down plate tectonic activity stops Mountains disappeard Layer 2 sedimentary rocksdiff subsystems like limestone etc Younger than 600 million and contacts lots of fossil systems Water dents water temp how many storms there were reconstruction Rocks got tilted
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