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Environmental Science
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Lec 02Jan 17 2012 Plate tectonics its a 20 year old hypothesis Alfred Wegner Earth 4500 million years old Continents are mobile moving apart soon they will come together as supercontinents its not the continents tht r drifting its the plates in which the continents are embedded Continents do move but dont drift independently in which they are a part of Sea floor spreading Magnetism used to age date rocks where rocks were at one time Fred vine Formulation of plate tectonics Alfred Wegner meteorologist Contributions to lunar geology recognize craters on the moon high explosivelunar geology Wegener named large land mass pangea Laurasia northern part of pangea north America part of this and Asia Gondwana southern part India antartica Sea shaped form to pangea tethes sea fills the spot in between before Put all the continents together as part of pangea certain rocks will tell you about climate of the same age the reconstruction makes sense can identify cold areas look at rocks of the same age will tell you about climate it makes sense there is an ice sheet at the bottom flowing into India south America Reconstruction based of fossil organisms Gondwana rocks that have organisms in them Mesosoraus rocks in brazil south America southern Africa rocks found there
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