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Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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EESA06 Lecture 1 Planet Earth 2011 Earth is 4.5billion years old Geography of planet has changed, Plate Tectonic Movements Rocks can tell us the history of the planet where water was, where land ones Glacial erratic large boulders o Marble altered limestone Super-continent Pangaea Great all together in one place Amnesia Continent Pangaea # 2 will become a super continent once again Stratigraphy putting rocks in their relative age organizing history o Aka Historical geology Vector Map direction of movement and velocity of movement of land masses Next super continent clustered around southeast china Ring of Fire most dangerous place to live, the outline of pacific Geophysical Equipment cameras etc. go underwater Derrick drilling tower o The Resolution - drill ship can drill 7km underwater Scope of Course Earth history: Application of plate tectonics to the ancient past to reconstructing past continentsoceans Paleo-environment reconstruction (ex: climate) and pa
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