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Lecture 2

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06 Lecture 2 The deepest mine in the world is 4km underground, any deeper it will be too hot, hole will begin to close due to temperature and movement Geophysics application of physics to the world Earthquakes generate energy Fault plane surface (between moving bocks) which blocks have moved, we feel as an earthquake Focus is where the energy is released, the trigger of the earthquake, always underground, can predict how much damage it can do how deep down the focus is Epicenter directly above the focus on the earths surface Seismic risk assessment gauge any movement along any fault, looks at fault scarp & fault trace Fault scarp cliff, bluff, the steep slope that results after earthquake (ex: 1891 Japan) Fault trace fairly straight lines, many river valleys along traces of faults o Morphological what shapes on earths surface created by faults Not all faults create earthquakes, some creep dont result in earthquake, the lock ones create earthquakes Waves: Body waves goes thru the interior o Primary and Secondary waves Surface waves go around the surface Primary waves the quickest 7kmsec, compression + extension spring
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