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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lec 04 thJanuary 30 2012 y Oceans start off small we looked at east Africa and today see the maturation of it like the Atlantic ocean y In Iceland can go into the middle mid ocean ridge and use the information to infer whets goingon in the bottom of ocean y Fig 22 o Oceans widening reverse it and bring back the continents o 250 million years time o Life cycle of oceans Atlantic ocean is a mature ocean y Ophioloties name we give to fossils y Old ocean floor raised above land in Newfoundland we found fossil mid ocean ridges called ophiolites y Hazards in Iceland y Fig 21 o Vancouver sits right on top of cascadia specific plate being drive down to north America o Active plate margin on west coast o Opposite plate margin passive margin along the middle of Atlantic ocean where the plate is being created pushing the rest of the plate to the west o Eurasian plate being pushed eastward o Passive plate margin get lots of earthquakes there along the ridges o Active plate margin of Eurasian plate intense collision the alps o See them above Arabian plate o Continues all the way through to turkey northern india Himalayas o Major active plate boundary marked by mountains o Meditarean is a remnant of the larger ocean tht once layed between Africa and Europe y Fig 28 o Ocean basins arent flat o Ocean ridges o Water depth shallow middle of ocean o Notice water depth gets deep adjacent to the continents o Those deep areas are called abyssl planes o 45 km deep o Shallowest parts right on top of the middle o Crust is pushed away magma cools sinks so there is a increase in water depth aay from the mid ocean ridges o Flat are off shorecontinental shelf o Made up of great thickness sediments that have been washed off o Important because fisheries are located there and they r shallow lots of light oxygen major fishery in eastern Canada is the cod fisheries
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