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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 notes

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Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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y UniformitarinismFrench used term actualismwhats happening in term of present terms in comparison to the past different settings in plate tectonics rocks heated folded using clues from modern daycatastropic events super volcanoes yellow stone tie Poland marborough Peterborough 400 million year old lime stone with volcanic ashesvolcanoe had capabitilty to burry most of nort America into ashesall activity goes around activity y Plate tectonic fundamental assumptionmargin vertical tectonicsparts of history huge amounts of magma comeplate tectonic up and erupt on surface LARGE IGNEOUS PROVINCES LIPS theory contains gold before it comes y water vapour ashes oxygen sulfic acids are in the magmaout toxics lead to biological extinctionsycracks on diagram is called rifts cracked open modern oceans are narrowrifts widen into young oceans and modern day oceans are going to mature and closey EAST AFRICA how ancient oceans first openedFIGURE 240 continental slab that is part of supercontinent its warm at the bottom so it risesbecause there Is heat trapped so it rises from the mantleinflation inside is dryand supercontinent isnt good for environmentsurrounded by deep ocean and bottom of ocean under the influence of lightlifes and triple junction occurs2 of the arms grow up and become active but the other fails and cracksfail rift AULACOGENSfill up with sediment through time and contains oil and gaspangea developed these are the rifts tht existed and developed into atlantic oceanstlawrence river failed riftlake Ontario eriesitting on top of failed rifty Earthquake failed rift shift and produce intra plate earthquakes in the middle of north American plate whole thing is spreadingflat surface is y African plate in Kenyabreaking by faults and this is how continent looks when its torn apart long parallel faults
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