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EESA06 - Introduction to Planet Earth Lecture 4

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Environmental Science
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Nick Eyles

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EESA06H3Introduction to Planet Earth Lecture 4Jan 302012Topics Mature Oceans eg Atlantic oceanMidocean ridges Modern and ancient OphiolitesTransform faultsIceland Walking over a midocean ridgeVolcanic activity under glaciersGeothermal energyLook at Figure 21 from the textVancouver sits on the west margin of the North American plateNext big earthquake will occur on Cascadia Subduction zone o Cascadia Subduction Zonethe Atlantic plate is being driven below North American plateEast margin of the North American plate is not found in the east coastPassive margin of the North American plate is along the middle of the Atlantic Ocean IcelandWhere the plate is being created new material being added all the time pushing the rest of the plate to the westEurasian plate is being pushed eastwardsPassive margins arent really passive because of frequent earthquakesActive plate margin is found on the Eurasian plate in the MediterraneanThe Alpsmajor active plate boundary marked by high mountainsThe Mediterranean is a much remnant ocean that laid between Africa and Europe long ago Figure 28 This map is from the 70s and showed that the ocean basins are not flatWater depths are fairy shallow along the middle of the ocean Iceland sticks above sea level above the ocean and increase as you move away from the mid ocean ridges and get very deep adjacent to the continents o These deep areas are called Abyssal planes o Shallow area is where hot magma comes up and when its pushed away from the midocean ridges it cools and sinks greater depthContinental ShelfFlat area near the continental margins just off the shore o Made of up great thicknesses many kilometers of sediments o Fairly shallow lots of nutrients and light Fishing Industry
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