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EESA06 - Introduction to Planet Earth Lecture 5

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06H3Introduction to Planet Earth Lecture 5Feb 062012Pacific RimThe most dangerous place on the planet due to enormous earthquakes and dangerous volcanoesSteep sided volcanoesMagma has silica in them so it stiffens the magma and as a result gases cannot come out o Stuff are blown up in the air to massive eruptions o Pyroclastic debrisSudden release of gas propels this systemThe pacific rim of fireBlue lines are deep water trenchesDeepest part of the ocean system is Challenger DeepThe floor of the pacific ocean is being pushed downbuckled underneath the surrounding landmasses o Trenches identify the Subduction zones o Recycling of the Earths crustThe continents surrounding the rim are growing at the expense of the oceans o Oceanic crust that is being subducted gets melted and magma erupt along continents and become a part of the continentDying oceans make bigger continents Adding to the continent while recycling oceanic crustAt about 100km depth the descending plate will start to melt and the magma will start to rise to the surface o Magma moves up through continental crust on to the surface and on its way it is contaminated with Silica from continental crustDestructiveeruptive volcanoes o Sea floor sediments are scraped off the descending plate and are added to the continent thereby increasing it in size Subduction IIOlder heavier plate goes under the newer plateCreating embryonic continents o Proto continent
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