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Lecture 6

EESA06 - Introduction to Planet Earth Lecture 6

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06H3Introduction to Planet Earth Lecture 6Feb 132012 FossilsHelps us figure out how life was like millions of years ago o If you have a creature living in or near a body of water when the creature dies it will fall below to the bottom of the body of water and bacteria will decompose the soft parts o Over time layers of sediment comes into the body of water and adds pressure on the hard shell that is left over o Over time when the sediment lithifies the hard shell is affected by hot water flowing through Minerals found in the hot water replace the hard shell over time forming a fossil o This process is known as mineralization o Uplifting allows for the fossils to be moved up to the surfaceAmmolite aragonite o Colored by minerals and elements such as Fe Mn Al and BaSea lily fossils o Also known as Crinoid o Found in abundance in Ontario o Broken bits of the stem are found as fossils because they are easily broken down by storms o Assemblagesgroups of fossils that are found together o Fossil morphologystudy of the way of how a fossil looksFossils and Str
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