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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06Planet EarthLecture 1thGeoscience the study of geology study of the earthstarted in the 19 centuryEnvironmental Science vs Geosciencegreat overlap btwn the 2What do geologists do Paleoenvironmental reconstructionTry to look at what the earth looked like in the pastPlates move 37 cm a yearThats quite a lot when it adds upEarths history46 billion yearsTake in how many times the Earths surface has changed itself over historyAtlantic Ocean is getting widerEventually all the continents will come together to form a supercontinent just as they were back then1 supercontinent1 large oceanWhen they break upmyriad of small oceangood because life flourishesPlate tectonicsmovement of plates on earthJapan lies on top of the subduction zone plate that underlies pacific ocean is being driven down below another onefriction builds upearthquakeFrequency of earthquakes doesnt change much from year to year but what makes them deadly sometimes is the change in population and evolution of super cities industrial citiesDiagramVectorsLength of arrowproportional to the speed at which the plate is movingPacific ocean is actually dying getting sm
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