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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

2LE stands for latent heat transfer which is positive when evaporation occurs the transfer of heat through the evaporation of water which cools the surface Looking at table 1 we can see a relative trend that as evaporation increases so do the LE values with examples of locations near the equator with the highest LE values This is because the equator is directly perpendicular to the incoming solar radiation insolation emitted by the sun which then provides enough energy for HO to break 2its hydrogen bonds and evaporate into water explaining the relatively large amounts of evaporation which then increases the LE values Additionally it can be seen that as one moves from the equator towards the north or south poles the LE decreases this is because there is a greater area of energy distribution as latitude increases which explains the little to no energy in the north and south poles thus forming ice glaciations causing the region to reflect more energy than it absorbs Finally both hemispheres are similar in this pattern because their main difference is in terms of the percentage of ocean and precipitation which causes a slight variation in valuesA stands for advection the transfer of excess energy through ocean currents heat moving away is positive This can be s
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