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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

400500 million years for one Wilson cycle to happenPangaea 2 will occur in 250 million yearsLecture 3 Part 1 what do earthquakes tell us about the plants interior and plate tectonics Part 2 plates and their margins Part 3 earthquakes in CanadaSeismic energy is used to map the earths interior drilling 12 km is a physical limit to drilling because its starting to get pretty hot down thereEarthquakes what can we learn of the earths interior rocks are brittle they snap once it snaps the energy produce is the earthquake the focus is the focus point under the surface of the earth the epicentre is where the earthquake occurs the line of breakage is called the fault plane seismic waves are then producedthere are many blind faults in the US that can potentially produce earthquakes but we can seeSurface waves they go around the surface of the planate its usually these wav
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