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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lec 05 When oceans close Steep sided volcanoes These magma have silicon in them stiffness gases cant come out and lots of stuff are blown up in the air so we found pyroclastic firebreak so the volcanoes produce ash Pacificrim dangerous bc there are great earthquakes the blue lines are deep water trenches and the deepest part challenger deep and they mark the floor of the pacific ocean is being buckled and pushed down around the surrounding landmassthe trenches identify the subjective zones and earth recycles the ancient crust so the pacific ocean the continents are moving inthe continents that surround the rim are growing at the expense of oceans bc lot of the oceanic crust which is been subductued gets melted then those magma that erupt along the continents become part of the continentsIn the picture the process of subduction the oceanic crust the yellow and blue arrows are the friction the descending platestarts to meltthe magma is the result of the melting of the salt the magma rises to the surface they are moving up through continental crust so its contaminated picking up silicon and shiz Acceretionary wedge is a sea floor sedimentthat are being scraped off the descending plate adding to the continents we are adding while recyclingdying oceans make bigger continents Second pictureocean crust is going down below whats driving the plate underneathit is densitysubduction magma ocean planet earth was a giant red bowl then thenext stage would be the formation of oceanbeginning the subduction process cooling was a key process to get subduction goingthe accretionary wedge unstable when we get big earthquakes a lot of that collapses Merapi volcano the most active volcano in Indonesia the arc that is formed is made up of made and joined volcanoes some are dead and some active Laha remobilization reworkingof ash by heavy rainits dangerous Active volcanoes cracks and sulfur gasmore sulfur is released when its closer to an eruption Collapse of volcanoes consists of hot gas and large bolders and pyroclastic flow Japan is the dangerous place on the rimbc it lies in the intersection of 4 major platesthe right it s the pacific oceanas well as Tokyothe plate margin will lock and it will get about hundered years of stress and it will unlock and thats the major event on the earthquake
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