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Lecture 9

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

thLecture 9March 19 20120319Exam based on chapters 14 11 19 20 lecture 10 11 Were going to be talking about Pangea 2 The Tectonic future of Planet EarthToward the next supercontinent Topics 1 The Building of Pangea 2 AlpineHimalayan Orogeny Indian SubContinent collides with Asia after 25 Ma Destroying the Tethys ocean 3 Uplift of the Himalayas and climate change after 2 Ma rdQuiz 8 Friday March 23 based n this lecture Orogeny means mountain building The closure of the ocean is the Tethys Ocean The Himalayan is a dying ocean created by the squeezing of the Tethys Ocean between India and Africa as it moves north We are in an interglacial which started 10000 years ago but that Ice age started 100 thousand years agoThere was short interglacial after ice age A scientist believed that our interglacial should have ended 100 years ago but have been extended because of our human activities Uplift profoundly changed global climate and it resulted in global cooling The changes in climate in Africa along the rift which really greatly influenced our evolution of species are controlled by the uplift of the Himalayas and the global climatic changes that they made History Doesnt Repeat Itself But it often Rhymes The Future of Planet Earth Earths Past tells us of the Future Top left is the peak of Pangea but youll notice its actually a C shaped supercontinent and the sea or the entire ocean is called the Tethys The Tethys Ocean gets squeezed into the next diagram The Northern part of India and Africa squeezes the Tethys Ocean and create thrust obduction which creates this long mountain belt the Himalayas Those mountains are made out of the remnant the ancient deposits of the Tethys Ocean The situation today is where India has moved up North and embedded itself into Eurasia which completely closed the Tethy Ocean The Meditarian the mid sea way has a little remnant of the Tethys Ocean which wont be there much longer Then 10 million years later it will be part of the Alpine block 250 million years in the future the world would look like the first diagram
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