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Lecture 8

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 8Stratigraphy is the science a sort of sub science of geology where we place rocks in order It literally means the study of layers Relative age of rocksWhats the sequence of events thats recorded by this area in geology exam The oldest events are recorded by rocks that occur lower down The older the rock the more deeply buried they are Younger rocks occur on top of older ones lowersuperpositionThe Earth is 456 Billion 4 560 000 000 years old How did we find this out 1 Early Ideas on Stratigraphy the study of rock layers as in a book 2 Absolute Age isotopic age dating ie 50 million 3 How Layers Get Bentbroken lost chapters 4 Relative Age of rocks this one is older than 5 The Geologic Timescale 456 billion to today The Earths age is its absolute age Rocks get folded bent and broken If you go outside Ontario and go to the margins of North America you can find that rocks are very complex and structured In some places rocks are upsidedown The geologic time scale which is like a clock which starts at zero which is 456 billion years ago and goes through the present day Like a clock it is broken up into hours that we call geologic periods
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