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Lecture 10

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06 Lecture 10 Page 1EESA06 Lecture 10Canadas Geologic Journey The Last 4 Billion Years 1 Continents grow through time by obduction 2 North American continent shows 5 growth stages a Arctica 27 Gaoldest Giganum Billionb Columbia 18 Gac Rodinia 10 Gaab cCanadian Shield the cratonthe old hard core rocks rigidd Pangea assembly 350 Ma Maritime Canada is added during Appalachians Orogeny Appalachian Mountainsadded sedimentaryhighly fossil rocks e Pangea breakup 200 Ma British Columbia is added during Cordilleran Orogeny eg RockiesGeology of North America known for 100 years but what put it togetherBrownold hard coreOntario Quebec area BlueAppalachian beltmaritime CanadaZircons27 billion year old zirconsUraniumLead datingAge rings amount of lead in the crystalsTom crowexpert on dating rocksDetritalSecondary having be derived from something elseDetritousGarbage Acasta Gneiss NWT4 billion years oldnear Yellowknife The oldest continental crust found so farZircons from igneous rocks weathered zircons released become sedimentary rock then metamorphosed into a gneiss Continents grow thru timesimilar to Swiss rollolder stuff in the middle Deconstructing North America1 The original NA continent Arctica which started to form about 25 billion years ago from smaller continents and was completed by about 19 billion years ado when old Archean cratons ex Slave Nain provinces were welded together by the TransHudson Orogen and others 2 Added to the North American continent during the formation of Nena about 18 billion years ago after the Penokean Orogeny 3 Added During the Formation of Rodinia about 13 billion years ago during the Grenville Orogeny 4 Added during the formation of Pangea about 600 million300 million years agoAppalachian Mt5 Added after the breakup of Pangea about 250 million years agoCorillera
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