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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06 Lecture 11 Page 1EESA06 Lecture 11Environmental Challenges Urban sprawlneed for concreteUrban shadow Managingprotecting water resourcesWatersheds and ecosystems rivers are hardenedonly flows straight more flashy less groundwater more floodingWastes nuclear municipal industrial etclandfills out of sight out of mind Remediation of contaminated sitesclean them up ground fill sites use horse manure Radon gasUranium to lead invisiblelung cancer etc from granite and shalesHazards earthquakes landslidestsunamisMitigation of climate warming effects1998 was the warmest year cooling in the future Environmental impact of resource extraction and energy suppliescoalgold mining quarrying Alberta oil sands Environmental policy and planning We need environmental geoscientistsScope of Environmental Geo sciencesprotecting humans from natural hazardsUnderstanding earth processes Providing resource securityiron coal gold etcHelping society adjust to global changethe way in which the planet is evolving naturallyProviding reliable information for planning and environmental decision makingProtection from natural hazardsPublic health and safetyRadon Medical geology High Costs of USChinaJapan as urban areas get bigger more susceptible to hazards Population in citiesWelcome to the Anthropocene the Epoch of Man19471962Scarborough bluffsRapid harming replacing permeable surfaces with hard asphalt Began with the invention of the steam engineBeginning of industrial revolution demand for resources move of people to urban areas urbanization Bluesurface flowRunoff Redbase flowground waterHydro water graphMeasure the rising and falling of stream flow Less water to dilute contaminants warmer
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