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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

SratigraphyEarly ideas on stratigraphyHow laters get bent and brokenRelative age of rockAbsolute age of rockThe geolicescale 456 billion today Ancient Greeks recognized fossils embedded in rocks now on tops of mountainsHow did they get there Strata Diluviummeaning of floodStrict biblical interpretation of earths history rocks of landscapes result from Noahs FloodMore than one flood recognized new life created each time so each layer contains different life forms Archbiship Ussher 15711656Earth formed at 9am on October 26th 4004 BCBased on counting generations in the bible Georgius Agrcola 14941555Father of mining geologyRecognizes that fossils are remains of marine organisms in 1531 Nicolase Steno 163186 Mountains can be raised and lowered land can be conveyed from one place to another James Hutton 1726971Recognized unconformities within layers of rocks and the igneous origin of granite2Proposed concept of uniformitarianism the present is the key to the past3Came into conflict with Abram Werner and diluvialism and catastrophismFacies means appearance ofGeologists speak of rock faciesunconformative gaps a groups of rocks formed at the same time and went through processes Huttons unconformity at siccar point in scotland1Deposition of older strata silurian2Doformation of strata in mountainbuilding even3Erosion to produce surface of unformity4Deposition of younger stata devonian5Uplift tilting erosion
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