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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

ESSA06 Lecture 2Quiz 1lecture 12KNOW chps 14 Online lecture studenthand in poster onlinePlant tectonicstheory recent 20 years oldKey things to rememberFormation of Earth4 500 million years before presentContinental drift and Pangea1912 Alfred WegenerIts the plates that the continents are imbedded that are actually movingContinental driftincorrect continents move but dont move independently of platesSea Floor Spreading1960 Harold HessMagnetic stripes on the ocean floor and wander paths for continents1965 Fred VineMagnetism important rock propertyage them where they moveMidocean ridges and hot spots1965 Tuzo Wilsoninsert one moreWegnerproposed that continents moved by plowing through the sea floor continent driftThis was rejected by most geologistsHe named Pangea means all the landsPangea consists of Laurasia NAAsia and Gondwana Southern continentsPangea formed a C shape has the Tethya sea in the middleWegner couldnt propose mechanisms for this movementMade sense by climate rocks of the same age had climate properties that were similar in other parts of the worldAlso makes sense bc of fossils rocks with organisms in them Eg Meosaurusfound in southersn SA and southern Africa makes sense if the continents were togetherStriationsstratches made by icetell direction of ice flow Evidence for supercontinent1960s the ocean floors mappedGeophysic techniqueslot depending on sound and is reflected back seismic reflectionSwath bathymetrymap ocean floors
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