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Nick Eyles

ESSA06Lecture 4Slide 4 Fig 28 abyssal planes means deep flat area 45 km deep Increase in water pressure from the midocean ridges continental shelfmade of sediments from the continents they are shallow lots of light O2 lifeOILgas Hibernialargest oil areaAt the edge of the continental shelfcontinental slope lots of mass flowswhere sediments go down the slopeShelf on the left pacific ocean is very small bc of subductionSlide 5 Fig 938 Unimatarissmlook at current rocks and compare it to the past environment deepest partabyssal planeSlide 6 Midocean ridge faultsSlide 7 Fig 224225 Faults that segment it are called transforms leaky transformwhere we have volcanoes growing along the transform small volcanoes Terranessliver seperarted continental crust Transforms play a role in how contients formSlide 8 Basalt forms midocean ridges andesitic rocksresult of viscous magma Slide 9 Slide 10 Fig1019 Gabbro cools slowlycourser basalt mantle pumefeeds hot rock to system molten rock is in chamber below chamber melts hot rock Water precipitatesMassive sulfides Ancient ocean floorNewfloundland and canadian shield made of thisSlide 11 Peridotitemakes the mantle plume mineralperidot its hot and begins to melt when reaches earth surface forces out thorugh magma chamber in chamberthere is cooling going on esp around the perimeter where gabbro is madeHave layered gabbromagma goes through factures dykes
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