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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 7 Guyots: (named after an oceanographer) A flat topped dead volcano hot spots are usually associated with hot spot islands in the middle of oceans. Someone in the 60s asked why there was islands in the middle of the oceans, which is why we know about hot spots On the islands the rocks are much younger than the surrounding ocean floor. The youngest island which is brand new (right above a hot spot) There is a systematic aging of the rocks as you move away from the hot spots and move down the trail. The orientation of the hot spot trail gives the direction for the plate movement. Bathymetric- a map that shows water depths Phreatomagmatic means to do with water, water will go down and hit the magma and create steam, this leads to pyroclastic eruptions. Pyroclastic ask- ask thats thrown up in the air and falls onto the land, or blows out onto the water. The successive flows build up laminated sediment layers. Cinder cone- ?? Scoria are large cinder pieces of ash Trace fossil: the track that an organism leaves. Predation means to eat something. Feral means wild. In the Galapagos there was feral cats. There are igneous rock that gets extruded and intruded Both igneous and sedimentary rocks can change. The new rock which is called metamorphic rock is completely different from the original rock. These are the 3 groups of rocks found on earth. The ro
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